Final Days and a Free Gift!

Hi Everyone,

It’s hard to believe that we are winding down to only 5 days left at The Digichick.  ⏰ Time is running out, so be sure to get in and grab what you may have had your eyes on…after Saturday, June 30th, our entire product lines (Main store, Attic Treasures and Commercial Use) will be retired.

Here is a breakdown of our sale, along with a new release that will also be retired:


You can visit our shoppes here:

Main Store:

Attic Treasures Store:

Commercial Use Store (also for PU):


Country Morning – Page Kit


Also comes with a FWP Quick Page!


and last but not least, a lovely free gift to coordinate with this new kit – enjoy!


LINK HAS EXPIRED…”Monthly Fan Gifts are available for one month only! 🙂 Please be sure to follow this blog for more alerts – I hope my gifts inspire you!

Thank you for your customer loyalty for SO many years, that is priceless and we appreciate you all very much. This isn’t goodbye, we’ll still be around digiland and hope to you see you here!

We hope you will continue to follow us here on our blog and Facebook Page, as we will continue to offer free fan gifts and perhaps some fun stuff, such as ideas and inspiration.

Until next time…. walkcatsmiley




4 thoughts on “Final Days and a Free Gift!”

  1. Sure are going to miss you, but can understand. May God continue to bless you both and may you enjoy not working for awhile…I say “for a while” as God will guide you as He did me and after a couple of years not making greeting cards and post cards to send to people who were out of church each week, He let my health improve to the point where I’m back doing it again and feel so refreshed. Your work has always been fantastic and I just don’t believe God will let you rest for two long. Blessings, Dotty


  2. I’ve been busy acquiring your beautiful creations. (I have lots of them and I love them all!) Thank you so much for this lovley freebie.


  3. I *knew* there was something I wanted to do — buy some of your faith-based kits before they were gone. Selah.


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