NEW! Home for the Holidays and Free Gift

It’s Friday!

Houston had an early Christmas present last night and early this morning!  For those of you who live in the northeast or live in a part of the country that experiences “real” wintery snow, if you have seen pictures on FB or the national news, you are probably thinking… “big deal!”… but for those of us who live in south Texas, an inch to a few inches on the ground is very exciting.  My daughter who is a teacher called me on the way to school this morning with her two daughters in the car, and they were all like little kids that couldn’t wait to get to school to play in the snow.   This has really made it seem like the Christmas Holiday that you see on the Hallmark movies.

And we have the perfect Christmas collection that is ideal for those Home for the Holiday homecomings of family and friends.  This week our collection and packs are part of The Hatchery that many of the designers participate in at The Digichick.  All packs are $1 – $2 with very special pricing on the collection.  As always you will find our designs exclusively at TDC.

Here is our “Home for the Holidays” collection:



For by Four.jpg


Creative Team Inspiration!

by Barbara_1.jpg

by Yobeth.jpg

Our Special Gift to You!


LINK HAS EXPIRED…be sure to follow this blog for more alerts! We hope you enjoy our gifts!

May your weekend be full of fun, family and friends!

Until next time,



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