Final Hours…Our biggest sale EVER, ends soon – also a Coupon!

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know that our DSD Sale is winding down and will end at tomorrow, at midnight! Please note that we will no longer be having $5.00 Bundles/Collections in our regular store (just in the Attic Treasures!) So be sure to grab these today. 🙂

You can still get ALL our bundles and collections at ONLY $5.00, our Attic Treasures Bundles at $2.50, our CU/PU items at 60%, and all the rest at 50%.  Again, these prices won’t be around again, so we hope you’ll find something special for yourself! 😉


We also have a future 10% coupon off ANY future purchase of $5.00 or more for the entire month of October (after out DSD sale!)  NOT for use in our Commercial Use Store or our Attic Treasures, as these are already heavily discounted. 🙂


Thank you for following us here on our blog, we hope you had a great weekend and found a lot of pretties to enjoy throughout this special celebration of our love for digital scrapbooking!

Until next time. walkcatsmiley


P.S. Be sure to follow our blog to receive our direct Newsletter as we post. We will no longer be sending a separate newsletter via MailChimp to give us more time to design! Thank you for understanding.

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